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Seminar Programme for 2009-2010

Michaelmas Term




14 October 2009

Margarida Afonso
Legal Service, European Commission, Brussels

"Mutual assistance and administrative cooperation between the tax administrations of the EU Member States - problems and perspectives"

21 October 2009

Dorota Leczykiewicz
Trinity College, Oxford

"Private party liability in EC law: in search of the general regime"

28 October 2009

Daniel Francis
Hunton & Williams LLP, Washington DC/Brussels

"Wise Restraints? A Transatlantic, Constitutional Perspective on Competition Law"

4 November 2009

Michael Dougan
Liverpool Law School

"Who exactly benefits from the Treaty? The murky interaction between Community and national competence over the capacity to enforce EC law"

11 November 2009

Amandine Garde
School of Law University of Exeter

"Freedom of commercial speech and public health protection in the European Union"

18 November 2009

Dr Pavlos Eleftheriadis
Mansfield College, Oxford

"The structure of EU law"


25 November 2009

Prof Andrea Bondi
School of Law, Kings College London

"State aid is from Venus and Competition law is from Mars"

2 December 2009

Prof Takis Tridimas
Sir John Lubbock Professor of Banking Law, Queen Mary College, University of London and, Barrister, Matrix Chambers

"Winners and losers in Luxembourg: A statistical analysis of judicial review"

Lent Term




20 January 2010

Dr Valsamis Mitsilegas
School of Law, Queen Mary University of London

“The European Union and the Globalisation of Criminal Law”

27 January 2010

Prof Imelda Maher
School of Law, UCD

“Trusting EU Law after Lisbon”

3 February 2010

Prof Stein Evju
University of Oslo

“Revisiting the Posted Workers Directive Conflict of laws and law in contrast”

10 February 2010

Philip Strik
University of Cambridge

“From Washington with Love - The Interplay between EU law and Intra-EU Investment Agreements”

17 February 2010

Dr Diamond Ashiagbor
Faculty of Law, UCL

"Regulatory choices, regulatory diversity and labour standards in the EU: beyond Viking and Laval”

24 February 2010

Samuel Boutruche

“The Courts of Justice of the EC and the Common European Asylum System”


3 March 2010

Pamela McCormick
European Court of Human Rights

""The Risk of Irreparable Damage": Interim Measures in Proceedings Before the European Court of Human Rights"

10 March 2010

Demetrius Floudas
Hughes Hall

"Russia and EU External Relations: in from the cold or out into nothing!"






12 May 2010

Sjoerd Feenstra
Deputy head of unit, Labour Law, European Commission

"Viking and Laval: Views from Within and Looking Forward"