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CELS runs a series of lunchtime seminars during the Michaelmas Term. These seminars provide a platform for the presentation of new ideas by leading scholars from inside and outside the university. The lunchtime seminars address topical issues of European Union Law and Comparative Law, with a view to using collective debate as a forum for developing and disseminating ideas, and producing high quality research publications which contribute to an understanding of major issues in the European Union. There is a close link between the CELS Lunchtime Seminar series and the Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies (CYELS). Papers generated from most of these seminars are published as articles in the CYELS. These seminars are open to members of the University and to the general public. There is no need to register to attend these seminars. The lunchtime seminars take place from 1:05pm to 1:55pm on Wednesdays in Lecture Room B16 (unless otherwise stated). A sandwich lunch is provided at 12:45pm. There is no charge for lunch or to attend the seminar.

Subject to speaker consent, the lecture component for each seminar will be made available on the University of Cambridge Streaming Media Service (SMS) and the Apple iTunes U platforms. The introductions and Q&A sections will not be included to encourage frank and open discussion. You can subscribe to the 'CELS Lunchtime Seminar Series' on iTunesU for automatic download to your iTunes library, or an RSS feed is available from the SMS for use on other devices.

Seminar Programme for 2017

Lent Term






25 January 2017

Marianne Hundahl Frandsen
AAU, Denmark

'European Passengers' Rights to Compensation: What are the Rights that Apply in this Area?'


1 February 2017

Dr Barend van Leeuwen
University of Groningen

'Free Movement of Life and Death: Euthanasia and the Ethics of Free Movement Law'


8 February 2017

Professor Urška Šadl
University of Copenhagen

'Intepretive Twists, Argumentative Turns, and New Reference Points: Unpacking the Jurisprudential Shift in the European Citizenship Jurisprudence'


15 February 2017

Professor Jeffrey Kenner & Katrina Peake
Nottingham University

'The Bangladesh Sustainability Compact as 'Global Experimentalist Governance''


22 February 2017

Professor Floris de Witte

'Institutionalising Interdependence'


1 March 2017

Dr Angelos Dimopoulos
Queen Mary University of London

'International Law Cooperation between EU Member States'


8 March 2017

Professor Michael Cardwell
Leeds University

'Brexit and Agriculture: Implementing a New Legal Framework for a New Agricultural Policy'

Not recorded


Michaelmas Term






26 October 2016 (5pm in LG17)

Jonathan Faull
European Commission

'The UK and the EU: the Law and the Politics'


2 November 2016

Dr Lorand Bartels
University of Cambridge

'The UK's Status in the WTO after Brexit'

16 November 2016 Professor Dario Latella
University of Messina, Italy
'The 'COMI' Concept in the Revision of the European Insolvency Regulation'    

23 November 2016

Professor Peter Whelan
Leeds University

'European Cartel Criminalization and Regulation 1/2003: Avoiding Potential Problems'


30 November 2016

Professor Lorna Woods
Essex University

'Audiovisual Media Service Directive: Boundaries and Drift'



1:05pm – 1:55pm
Venue (unless otherwise stated): Lecture Room B16, Faculty of Law
All welcome

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There will be a sandwich lunch available outside B16 from 12:45pm.

Further information on upcoming seminars can be found in the Events Calendar.

Previous seminar series are also available.