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Seminar Programme for 2010-2011

Lent Term




26 January 2011

Professor Karen Alter
Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago

"Tipping the Balance: International Courts and the Construction of International and Domestic Politics"

2 February 2011

Alexandre Saydé
European University Institute, PhD candidate

"Abuses of law and regulatory mobility within the European Union"

9 February 2011

Professor Simon Whittaker
Professor of European Comparative Law, University of Oxford

"Full Harmonisation and the Conflict of Laws: the Product Liability Directive and Rome II"

16 February 2011

Louise Merrett
Trinity College, Cambridge

"Posted workers from a private international law perspective"

23 February 2011

Professor Alison Jones
King’s College London

"Analysing Margin Squeezes under EU Competition Law"

2 March 2011

Professor Paul Craig
Professor of English Law, University of Oxford

"The EU Bill: Sovereignty and the Referendum Lock"

9 March 2011

Richard Fentiman
Queens' College Cambridge

"Amending Brussels I"


Michaelmas Term




13 October 2010

Professor Georffrey Samuel
Professor in Law, University of Kent

"What Is In an Index? Some Reflections from Comparative Law"

20 October 2010

Professor Jukka Snell
Professor of European Law Swansea University

"Varieties of Capitalism and the Limits of European Economic Integration"

27 October 2010

Dr Christiana Hji Panayi
Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London

"The cross-border movement of companies and EU tax law – recent developments"

3 November 2010

Dr Jo Hunt
Cardiff Law School

"Recognition of the regions in the EU legal order? Regulating the cultivation of GMOs"

10 November 2010

Professor Inge Govaere
European Institute, University of Ghent

"A legal analysis of the external relations of the EU after the Lisbon Treaty"

17 November 2010

Professor Hannes Hofmeister
University of Innsbruck, Institute of European Union and International Law

"To bail out or not to bail out? – legal aspects of the Eurozone crisis"

24 November 210

Tricia Howse
Former Assistant Director of the Serious Fraud Office

"From the diplomatic bag to the blackberry -how Mutual Legal Assistance in criminal matters has developed in the EU"