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Management Committee

CELS is one of a number of research centres within the Faculty of Law.  CELS has a Director, and Assistant Director.  The good governance of the Centre is secured through its management committee.  Members of the Management Committee are: 

  • Dr Albertina Albors-Llorens (CELS Assistant Director)
  • Professor Kenneth Armstrong (CELS Director)
  • Professor Catherine Barnard (Chair of the Management Committee)
  • Professor John Bell
  • Dr Markus Gehring
  • Dr Alicia Hinarejos
  • Dr Amy Ludlow
  • Dr Julie Smith (representing POLIS)
  • Dr Felix Steffek
  • Dr Martin Steinfeld
  • Dr Sophie Turenne

Professional support to CELS is provided by Felicity Eves-Rey.

Advisory Board

Listed below are members of the CELS Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board, made up of non-faculty members, meets once a year.  The purpose of the Advisory Board is to offer impartial advice and guidance to the Centre with regard to matters of resarch and administration.