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The aim of this event was to provide informed commentary on issues within the ongoing Brexit process (whatever they may be).


Session 1: Free Movement of Persons and Establishment

What are the consequences of the Brexit process for the immediate and future rights of EU citizens within the UK and UK citizens travelling to or working within the EU. This would cover both the right to work, the right to be self-employed, and the rights of those not in employment.

  • Chair: John Bell
  • Martin Steinfeld (University of Cambridge) (Listen online)
  • Eleanor Spaventa (Bocconi University, Italy) (Listen online)

Session 2: External Relations 

What is the effect of the Brexit process on the UK’s ability to conclude trade agreements? What are the potential frameworks within which these might be developed?

  • Chair: Geoffrey Edwards (POLIS)
  • Markus Gehring (University of Cambridge)  (Listen online)
  • Georges Baur (Liechtenstein Institute, Formerly EFTA) (Listen online)

Session 3: Goods and Services

What is the effect of present and proposed arrangements on the free movement of goods and services? How far are the UK and EU markets to be segmented and how will this affect trading across borders, notably that in Northern Ireland?

  • Chair: Stephen Weatherill (University of Oxford)
  • Laurence Gormley (University of Groningen) (Listen online)
  • Gareth Davies (Vrije University, Amsterdam) (Listen online)

Session 4: Competition Law 

How will the substantive rules and procedures on competition law and state aids be affected by the Brexit process in the short and medium term?

  • Chair: Albertina Albors-Llorens (University of Cambridge)
  • Oke Odudu (University of Cambridge) (Listen online)
  • Tim Ward (Monckton Chambers) (Listen online)