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CELS hosts an annual public lecture in honour of Lord Mackenzie-Stuart, the first British Judge to be President of the Court of Justice. Among the eminent scholars of European legal studies invited to give the lecture are Professor Joseph Weiler, former Judge David Edwards of the European Court of Justice, and Advocate-General Francis Jacobs of the European Court of Justice.

The Mackenzie-Stuart Lectures are now available to watch on the YouTube playlist, or for download from the University's Streaming Media Service (SMS) and as part of the University of Cambridge's collection on iTunes. Subject to speaker consent, each lecture will be made available, while any Q&A sections will not be included to encourage frank and open discussion. You can subscribe to the 'Mackenzie-Stuart Lectures' on iTunes or other podcast platforms for automatic download to your iTunes library, or an RSS feed is available from the SMS for use on other platforms.

The texts of the Mackenzie-Stuart Lectures are also published in the Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies.

Past Lectures

2022-2023: Why the European Convention on Human Rights still matters

President Síofra O'Leary, ECHR
Audio, video and photographs »

2021-2022: Saving Football from Itself: Why and How to Re-make EU Sports Law

Professor Stephen Weatherill, Oxford University
Audio, video and photographs »

2019-2020: Membership of the EU: Formal and Substantive Dimensions

Professor Paul Craig, Oxford University
Audio, video and photographs »

Margrethe Vestager2018-2019: Making Markets Work: New Challenges for EU Competition Law

EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager
Audio, video and photographs »

2017-2018: What Price Sovereignty? Brexit and Human Rights

The Rt Hon Dominic Grieve MP QC
Audio, video and photographs »

2016-2017: Is Globalisation Faltering?

Mr Pascal Lamy, President Emeritus, Jacques Delors Institute
Audio, video and photographs »

2015-2016: Investment Arbitration and EU Law

Advocate General Juliane Kokott
Abstract and photographs »

2014-2015: Facing Legal Challenges in US - EU Relations

Anthony Gardner, US Ambassador to the EU
Audio, video and photographs »

2013-2014: Great Britain and the EU: Inevitably Drifting Apart?

Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the EU Commission and European Union Justice Commissioner
Audio, video and photographs »

2012-2013: "Interesting Times" - Chinese Curses, Lawyers' Headaches, Political Nightmares and New Dawns

Judge Nicholas Forwood, General Court of the European Union
Audio and video »

2011-2012: The EU as a Source of Inspiration

Sir Konrad Schiemann, European Court of Justice
Audio and video »

2010-2011: 40 Years an EU Lawyer - Apologia pro vita sua (40 Years and Still Motoring)

Professor Alan Dashwood QC, University of Cambridge
Audio, video and photographs »

2009-2010: Addressing Linguistic Transparency in the ECJ

Eleanor Sharpston QC, Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Communities
Audio and video »

2008-2009: Justice in haste, justice denied? The ECJ and the area of freedom, security and justice

Judge Allan Rosas, European Court of Justice

2007-2008: Human Rights in the 21st Century: Introduction

Rt Honourable Mr Jack Straw
Audio, video and photographs »

2006-2007: Trusting Judges to Deliver Changes; EU Social Policies and the Case of Italy

Professor Silvana Sciarra, University of Florence, Arthur Goodhart Visiting Professor of Legal Science
Photographs »

2005-2006: Constitutional Developments in Europe

Professor Giuliano Amato, European University Institute, Florence and the Italian Senate
Photographs »

2004-2005: The Health of Nations

Professor Neil MacCormick, Regius Professor of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations at the University of Edinburgh
Photographs »

2003-2004: Religious Tolerance and the Tolerance of Religion in a Multicultural European Union

Professor Joseph Weiler, New York University

2002-2003: National Courts - the Powerhouse of Community Law

Judge David Edward, European Court of Justice, Luxembourg

2001-2002: The Treaty of Nice: An Imperfect Treaty but a Decisive Step towards Enlargement

Jean-Claude Piris, Director-General of the Legal Service of the Council of the European Union

2000-2001: The Future Judicial Architecture of the European Union

The Right Honourable The Lord Slynn of Hadley, House of Lords

1999-2000: The Influence of EC Law on Public Law in the UK

Advocate General Francis Jacobs, Court of Justice of the European Communities

1998-1999: Maintaining the Community Legal Order in a Changing World

Mr Jean-Louis Dewost, Director-General of the Legal Service, European Commission

1997-1998: Reflections on the General Principles of Community Law

Judge Rodriguez Iglesias, President of the Court of Justice of the European Communities


Until 2021 the Mackenzie-Stuart Lectures were generously supported by Shearman & Sterling.