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Wednesday, 9 March 2022

On 3 March Professor Stephen Weatherill (Emeritus Jacques Delors Professor of European Law, Oxford University) delivered the 2022 CELS Mackenzie Stuart Lecture entitled "Saving Football from Itself: Why and How to Re-make EU Sports Law" at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge.

In his lecture, Professor Weatherill explained that the EU law's application to sport is ad hoc, ex post facto and driven by competition law (and occasionally free movement law). He argued that something more systematic would be helpful - not least because governance in sport needs reform to prevent corruption, intransparency, unaccountable power etc. The latest example/flashpoint being the European SuperLeague. This talk sought to explore these issues further.

The Mackenzie Stuart Lecture, sponsored by Shearman & Sterling, is an annual public lecture hosted by the Centre for European Legal Studies (CELS) in honour of Lord Mackenzie Stuart, the first British judge to be appointed to the European Court of Justice.

More information about this lecture, including other recorded formats, a transcript, the presentation delivered, and photographs from the event, is available from the Mackenzie Stuart Lecture pages on the CELS website.


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