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Seminar Programme for 2011-2012

Michaelmas Term






12 October 2011

Professor Linda Senden
University of Tilburg

"The Positioning of the Citizen in EU-Law. How Coherent is the Union’s Approach?"



19 October 2011

Professor Jacco Bomhoff

"Legal Perfectionism in European Law?"




26 October 2011

Professor John Spencer
University of Cambridge

"The UK and EU Criminal Law: "... an Island, entire of itself"? "



2 November 2011

Mrs Annette Nordhausen Scholes
University of Manchester

"Behavioural Economics and the Autonomous Consumer"



9 November 2011

Dr Robert Schütze
Durham University

"The Indirect Effects of European Law"

Not recorded

16 November 2011

Ms Nina Boeger
University of Bristol

"Making Europe in their image: communities of expertise and the shaping of EU governance "



23 November 2011

Professor Anne Davies
Oxford University

"The Court of Justice as a Labour Court"



30 November 2011

Dr Iyiola Solanke
University of Leeds

"The Advocate General – Securing Trust in the Court of Justice of the European Union?"



Lent Term






25 January 2012

Professor Nicholas De Sadeleer
FUSL, Academy of Louvain

'Protection Against Acts Adopted by the EU Institutions and Likely to Harm the Environment'


1 February 2012

Professor Emilios Christodoulidis
University of Glasgow

'Constitutional Pluralism and the European Order: Some Cautionary Remarks'



8 February 2012

Dr Alicia Hinarejos
University of Cambridge

'Legal Issues surrounding the Eurozone Crisis'



15 February 2012

Professor Christina Voigt
University of Oslo

'Up in the Air: Aviation in the EU Emission Trading Scheme and the Question of Sovereignty'


22 February 2012

Dr Alun Gibbs
University of Southampton

'The Way to the [Esoteric] Essential Problem of Constitutional Thinking in the European Union?'



29 February 2012

Judge Dean Spielmann
Section President

'Allowing the Right Margin, The European Court of Human Rights and the National Margin of Appreciation Doctrine: Waiver or Subsidiarity of European Review?'


7 March 2012

Eva Nanopoulos
University of Cambridge

"The Fight Against Terrorism, Fundamental Rights, and the EU Courts: the Unsolved Conundrum"


14 March 2012

Professor Sue Arrowsmith
University of Nottingham

'Social and Environmental Policies in Public Procurement: the Role and Limits of EU Regulation'

Not recorded