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Seminar Programme for 2012-2013


Easter Term






1 May 2013

Professor Carlos Moreiro
University Carlos III de Madrid

"The Legal and Institutional Consequences of the Financial Crisis in Spain"


7 May 2013

Professor Philip Allott
University of Cambridge

"The EU and the Decline of European Civilisation"




Lent Term






23 January 2013

Professor Dora Kostakopoulou
Warwick University

"Co-creating EU Citizenship"


Not recorded

30 January 2013

Dr Dan Wilsher
City Law School, London

"The Role of the European Central Bank in the Financial Crisis"


6 February 2013

Professor Wolf Sauter
Dutch Healthcare Authority/Tilburg University

"Proportionality in EU Law"


13 February 2013

Professor Vassilis Hatzopoulos
Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

“From Hard to Soft: Governance in the EU Internal Market”


14 February 2013

Dr. Judy Fudge
Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Kent Law School and Professor and Lansdowne Chair in Law Faculty of Law University of Victoria

“From Women and Labour Law to Putting Gender and Law to Work”


20 February 2013

Professor Pascal Pichonnaz
University of Fribourg

"Common method of interpretation for a more harmonized Private Law in Europe - The Challenge to go beyond black-letter rules and commentaries"


27 February 2013

Professor Christopher McCrudden
Queen's University Belfast

"Why compare? A comparison of the use of comparative judicial materials by the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights in human rights cases"


6 March 2013

Professor Maria Lee
University College London

"The Ambiguity of (De)-harmonisation in EU Environmental Law"


13 March 2013

Professor Urfan Khaliq
Cardiff University

"The EU and the European Social Charter"




Michaelmas Term






17 October 2012

Dr Daniel Augenstein
Assistant Professor Tilburg University

"Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Conflicts in the European Legal Space"



24 October 2012

Dr Pierre Schammo
University of Manchester

"Home country control with consent: a new paradigm for the internal market?"


Not recorded

31 October 2012

Mr Jonathan Faull
Director General for Internal Market and Services European Commission, Brussels

"Legal Issues of Financial Reform in the EU"


7 November 2012

Dr Alexander Kornezov
Référendaire, Court of Justice of the European Union

"The Forthcoming EU Accession to the ECHR: a Myriad of Problems, few Solutions?"


14 November 2012

Professor Dimitry Kochenov
University of Groningen

"The Citizenship Paradigm"


21 November 2012

Professor Giesela Rühl
University of Jena

"Regulatory Competition in Contract Law: Empirical Evidence and Normative Implications"


28 November 2012

Nicolas Croquet
McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP

"'The import of international customary law into the EU legal order: the adequacy of the theory of direct effect'"